Flu Shots and Other Vaccines at Clinique Nord

Certain infectious diseases, such as influenza, can spread quickly and sometimes cause serious complications. To improve the general health of the province’s population, Clinique Nord offers the flu shot and all scheduled vaccines based on the Quebec Immunization Program.

Why Do You Need a Flu Shot?

Influenza viruses are very contagious, especially when people spend more time in close quarters during the winter. It can cause symptoms of headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle pain, sore throat, and sudden cough and fever.

While most cases of flu resolve on their own, it can lead to pneumonia and other serious complications. The following groups of people are at a greater risk:

  • Elderly people, age 75 and older
  • Pregnant women
  • Children and adults with certain chronic diseases
  • Immunocompromised individuals
  • Travellers

It is important for these people to receive the influenza vaccine, as well as for people who live or work closely with them. Healthy people who get the vaccine can avoid spreading the flu to others.

When Do You Need a Vaccine?

Once you receive a vaccine, you often require additional shots from time to time. These are called “boosters” because they increase your immunity. The frequency of repeat shots required depends on the type of vaccine. For example, flu shots should be repeated every year in the fall, while tetanus shots need to be repeated every ten years. Sometimes you have to receive vaccines before you travel to an area where a certain disease is widespread.

Clinique Nord provides a variety of vaccines to both children and adults. Contact us for information on all the injections we offer.