Irrigation for Removal of Impacted Ear Wax

The ear naturally secretes ear wax for lubrication and protection. However, 5% of adults and 10% of children may experience an abnormal buildup. Impacted ear wax clogs up the canal and may require ear irrigation.

What Causes Impacted Ear Wax?

The ear is designed to get rid of ear wax on its own. It is usually sufficient to clean the outside with a washcloth. Ironically, home remedies used for ear wax removal, such as sticking cotton swabs into the ear canal, may actually cause ear wax to become impacted. The use of earbuds, earplugs, or hearing aids may contribute to the problem as well.

What Are the Symptoms of Ear Wax Buildup?

If ear wax becomes impacted in the canal, it could cause symptoms of dizziness, ringing in the ears, or progressive hearing difficulty. The ear could feel painful, full, or itchy. Young children with a buildup of ear wax may try to stick things in their ears or pull on the outside.

Safe and Effective Ear Irrigation at Clinique Nord

If the problem is due to a buildup of ear wax or foreign material in the ear, irrigation may resolve the problem by clearing it away. However, there are risks involved in irrigating the ears at home. Our nurses are trained to irrigate the ears safely. Contact us for an appointment and see us the same day or the next day.

Take Control of Your Health

We make it easy for patients to take control of their health. Clinique Nord offers same and next-day appointments, providing you with the scheduling flexibility that works best for you. Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Chomedey, Laval, right off Autoroute 440 and 100e Avenue. We strive to make it as suitable as possible for you to see one of our nurses and receive the care you need.

Feel Safe at Our Healthcare Clinic

Clinique Nord was built in the midst of COVID. We designed the facility with safety in mind. When you visit our clinic, you can be assured that you are being cared for in a clean and safe environment set up for social distancing.

We provide services to patients both with and without insurance. Most private insurances cover vaccines, blood tests, earwax and hand wart removal services. Patients with private insurance receive 80%-90% coverage when they utilize Clinique Nord services. Contact us today for more information about fees and services or to schedule an appointment.

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