Blood Tests and Lab Work at Clinique Nord

A blood test can provide vital clues about the state of your health. There are many advantages to having your blood work done at Clinique Nord.

What Conditions Can Blood Work Reveal?

Every drop of blood in your body can contain massive amounts of information about its function. Blood tests can reveal the following:

  • Screening for diseases, such as STDs, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes
  • Identifying deficiencies, such as anemia or nutritional deficiency
  • Diagnosing allergies, especially shellfish, peanut, or other food allergies
  • Identifying possible birth defects with prenatal screening and diagnostic blood tests

Doctors often recommend that you have certain types of routine blood screening performed every year. If results are abnormal, more testing may be required.

What Other Lab Work Does Clinique Nord Perform?

Blood tests can be valuable, but they only provide part of a picture and are not effective at diagnosing every condition. Here are some examples of the other types of testing we perform at Clinique Nord:

  • Strep tests, including rapid strep tests that yield results in five minutes
  • Stool tests
  • Urine tests

Why Should You Choose Clinique Nord?

At Clinique Nord, we perform blood tests and lab work on patients of all ages, from the elderly to the youngest patients. In fact, pediatric blood work is a specialty of ours. Appointments are fast and test results are sent directly to your doctor. Contact us for more information, including pricing, or to book your appointment.

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